The Thought... a crowdsourced feature

This is the first stage of an open call for participation in this project, an crowd-sourced feature, off and on the network. 

There is a longer presentation of the idea in the video above, and text below, including descripton of support materials....

i.e sections of the feature, script, storyboards, all @

but simply put:

This is a remake [actually, two remakes] of a film that has already been shot twice with the same script. 

1: chose a 4 minute section to remake, in English + [another language] or [another language] + [yet another language]... you will make it twice, just like in the early sound movies, one language, then another.  By whatever means. In the version about, two languages at once. Of course, if you wish, the other language can be invisible... just indicate it.

2: complete by any means [actors or not, camera or not; change the sex of the characters, etc]. but you should have the original dialogue [you can google translate] and the same number of shots, of roughly the same length. You can add dialogue or asides. Do it quickly. Do it rough if you wish. No more than an hour per minute, I would think, and less if you want! Let's get this done, and quick. If that happens, there will be a second. More rules later, this is a preliminary description.

3: edit/upload. I will frame and compile the feature. If you need help editing, let me know.... there are good online services as well. 

4. Everything is on a very broad cc: license, including the footage if you wish to add that. You can distribute the feature. I will screen and internet distribute [freely, of course]. For me, this is a Silent Sound Film, a Telepathic Film made by the Manchu Edison Film Corporation. You don't have to agree with that, of course.

ParisFilmCrew, a group of professionals/amateurs, actors/filmmakers, that I organize here in Paris, is providing a physical backbone for this, but everywhere is everywhere, that is the point as usual. So please join! Amateurs, non-filmmakers, etc, are welcome, of course. As are professionals. Etc.


Support materials below

I've made a "book" with the 15 sections of the feature we're going to do....

[when you get to an individual page, the navigation to the next page is at bottom]

The top page has a playlist of sections, and each page has

1: a section of the film, embedded

2: a link to a gallery of stills for that section, one per shot [no representation of actor blocking or camera movement]

3: the script for that section.... the timing isn't relative, but absolute, the place of that line in the full-length feature [its a fansub]

Sign up for a section here:



And here is a reiteration of what is in the intro video above....

Here's the project , which has a good dose of both history, and the absurd. Back at the beginning of sound, in France and the States, movies were often produced in multiple versions at once... they'd build the sets, and shoot in as many languages as there were releases, day and night. This was apparently a good part of the work that went through the old studios in Joinville, back in the early 30s. So, we're doing to do that, but with a conceptual twist.

I'm chosing a later movie [from the 60s] that was made twice, in English, with the nearly the same script. We're going to remake it a 3rd and a 4th time, in English and in French [the later in Be Kind Rewind style, using google translate]. The method is simple, and, if you wish, rough. The movie will be broken up into segments, which will provide us with the script and preset storyboard for perhaps 30 short films. You chose the section that you want, and make it. And anything goes. You can change the sex of the actors, use drawings, photos, or stock footage, you can change the language, for instance producing in Urdu with subtitles. You don't necessarily have to use actors, you can star in all the roles yourself, or use puppets, or just drawings. It should all take place in Paris. And it should be done in English, and then in French [two different short movies]. The only thing is that you have to respect is the format... remake the scene you have chosen, same number of shots, same dialogue [though asides are welcome],  etc .With imagination, you can probably make something that stands on its own.

Let me emphasize that you Do Not have to work with a Filmmaker if you are Actors, and you do not have to use Actors if you are Filmmaker. Use a cellphone. Use an Alexa. Use online archives. Use a pencil.  

My recommendation for production time is a maximum of one hour per minute, which can include travel time! Go over if you want, but this is to make it doable. If you do not know how to edit, well, there are simple online edit tools, or I will edit it for you, as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

All footage, and all finished works, as well as the final compilation work, will be licensed under a Creative Commons reuse, attribution license. All production footage will go online, freely downloadable, as well as our derived works. Films will be screened as completed at the meetup, and we will join them all together to make the feature. The ParisFilmCrew physical meetup will be the backbone of the project. However, I am going to do an international call for participation, and I will encourage you to pass that along. If this works, there will be other films, and collaboration with other groups.

The movie I've chosen is on, at 

"Zontar The Thing From Venus" is a word for word remake of Roger Corman's "It Conquered The World" . I haven't cut this up yet, or done other preparation…. This is link is to get a quick idea. Working title for the remake is  "The Thought", a sort of horror film name.

In the tradition of too many logos at the beginning of a movie, I propose the follow production structure. Since this is CC [Creative Commons], you are welcome to do what you want under your own structure, but this is first naming.  Films will be produced by ParisFilmCrew or the Manchu Edison Film Corporation. The latter is an imaginary film studio that I have been using for a long project that I have in progress.