Basic Equipment: A Handstrap



Here's a repost from Telepathic-Movie.Com, about the simplest camera support system: a handstrap

Something simple: the first accessory that I bought for my camera: a handstrap. I hated the red/black CANON neckstrap.... a Come Get Me sign, and anyway I don't like neckstraps.

We got off the Bolt Bus, that cheap [$15 USD] Boston->New York Bus, and walked across the street to B&H PhotoVideo. Must be the biggest photo store in the world.

My girlfriend had never seen a store completely staffed by Orthodox Jews.  Apparently everyone is Satmar... Hungarian Hassidim who don't believe in a secular Israel.  Oddly, Rabbi Teitelbaum's exit [he was the head of the sect] from the Holocaust was in fact paid by Zionists... he participated in the famous group ransomed in 1944 known as "Noah's Ark"....quote:

"In June 1944, Teitelbaum became one of a group of some 1,685 people whose release from Hungary was negotiated with Adolf Eichmann by the Zionist leader Rudolf Kastner, who had negotiated the escape of a small group of people who were mostly Zionists but also included a number of prominent rabbis and wealthy Jews who, it is claimed, paid an exorbitant fee to be on the rescue train, nicknamed "Noah's ark". Teitelbaum and his wife were passengers on the Kastner train bound for Switzerland, which was re-routed toBergen-Belsen for six months before being allowed to continue to the Swiss border as originally planned."

Anyway, a wrist strap.